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The holidays are finally over and we are all getting back to reality – even TMJ reality.

Its time to get back in the driver’s seat of our lives and take charge of this new year. This is when we come up with all the New Year’s resolutions; most of which we forget about just as soon as the daily grind of life sets in.

If you are dealing with TMJ issues and have been so for any extended period of time, know that you are not alone.  You do not have to live life in pain – if you are experiencing headaches, jaw pain, clicking, popping, ringing in the ears and other related symptoms, then you should call us and come in for a TMJ consultation. TMJ pain is real and TMJ relief is a choice.

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for TMD patients:

  1. Find a Dental Professional who can provide TMJ expertise

    Getting help from a dental professional who is knowledgeable about TMJ disorders is an important step in finding treatment options that address the root of the problem. TMD is complex and highly specialized, which means general care practitioners typically do not have the training or equipment needed to properly diagnosis and treat TMJ pain.  TMJ Orofacial  Pain Treatment Centers can provide exceptional care. Our doctors make it their resolution every year to continue improving their practice with the latest technology and treatments.

  2. Stress less

    Stress is a serious health issue for everyone, because it can cause negative reactions in the body that weaken the immune system and damage the cardiovascular system.  It also causes many people to tense their muscles and grind their teeth, both of which can have serious implications for TMD patients.  Incorporating one or two calming activities into your daily schedule can help you unwind and stress less.  Start small by taking 5-10 minutes a day to meditate, practice yoga, stretch, soak in a hot bath or read – whatever calms your nerves.

  3. Learn to prepare more TMJ friendly foods

    Spice things up by making a resolution to learn to make a few new TMJ-friendly dishes.  Trying at least one new recipe every month will keep you motivated to eat healthy.

    -Soft foods like mash potatoes, pudding, soup etc.
    -Nothing that requires me to open my mouth wide like cheeseburgers and such
    -Nothing too hard or crunchy like chips, cereal, etc.
    -Nothing too chewy
    -Cut food up into small bites (like toddler size bites) so that it is easier and quicker to chew.

  4. Stretch and Strengthen your Jaw

    One of the best things you can do at home to alleviate and prevent TMJ problems is to strengthen and stretch your jaw muscles.  Make an appointment with us at Affiliated Health Physical Therapy for directions on how to use massage and stretching techniques to strengthen the jaw area, and then practice it at home on a regular basis.

  5. Posture changes

    -Sitting erect with lumbar support

    -Stop cradling phone while talking

    -Alignment based exercises

    -Sleeping on back with TMJ friendly pillow


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