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The following are samples of some of our patients who have graciously written about their treatment and experience. Most of these patients were in extreme pain and sought treatment for their symptoms.


This might get long and for that I apologize, I only want to help others!

In short, I want to get the word out - if you're having sleep issues AND you have Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ) they could be related!!! See a TMJ specialist!!! I see Dr. Daniel E. Tache, DMD who has an office at 3500 Meachem Rd. Racine, WI 53405 and can be reached at (262) 598-9901

Telling my story, for about a year my sleeping issues got so severe that it was wrecking my life! I had to pull my daughter out of the preschool that she loved because I couldn't get her there safely in the morning! Dr. Vedak (Bright Horizons behavioral health Crystal Lake) who has been my Dr. since my traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 2003 worked with me very hard and tried everything he could think of and I still couldn't manage to get more than 4hrs of sleep in a night! I was a living zombie who had to miss work on occasion while also care for my 3yr old daughter. I would fall asleep perfectly, but only stay asleep for 4hrs or so and then wake up like a bullet shot out of a gun, rested or not, and I couldn't fall back asleep! At the same time, it had been painful for me to eat food, I couldn’t even chew a McDonald’s quarter pounder without being in some type of pain! My TMJ had gotten so bad that my cartilage disk that is behind / under my TMJ joint had completely disintegrated for whatever reason! Therefore, (because I was also a back sleeper) my lower jaw was becoming dislocated from my top jaw and moving backwards slowly but surely during my sleep cutting off my airway! Therefore, I couldn’t breathe and would wake up!  My body and my mind were in fight or flight mode so I couldn’t fall back asleep! Dr. Tache has been treating me now for a little less than a year and I couldn’t be happier! I am able to get a full night of sleep and wake feeling rested, I love it! Most importantly my daughter has her mother back to take her places and play with during the day!

Thank you so much!
You really gave me/us my/our life/lives back!
Sherie Snyder & Susiane


Had treatment a few years ago for somatic tinnitus most likely related to either tmj or misaligned cervical vertebrae. All the staff was very helpful, especially someone in billing who helped me through some hard times. Not related to the bills. They should make her a therapist. I sought treatment with 5 practitioners total, all of them were very good to excellent. Just decided to deal with the tinnitus on my own which is what much of the literature said at that time. I tried a new pillow in late 2015 and within 3 months the somatic tinnitus was gone and has not returned in close to a year. I still have short episodes of tinnitus which seem unrelated to the somatic tinnitus. A new pillow may have been recommended but I was not sleeping much back then, so who knows. If I ever feel I need help with dealing with pain again, I wouldn't hesitate to go back.

- Dan G.


My experience of the TMJ clinic has been tremendous. The care I was given was thorough, encouraging, and educational… I would recommend the TMJ Center to anyone who is in need of treatment.

- Christine


Dr. McDaniel and the entire staff at TMJ & Orofacial center are wonderful. I’ve never waited more than five minutes for any appointment. They are well organized, and value my time as much as their own. Over the course of the last twelve months, I have received excellent care with reasonably scheduled follow-up appointments. The staff works to ensure my appointments are scheduled to meet my needs.

- John W.


My treatment with the TMJ clinic is a bit like looking at night and day. Having gone from an almost debilitating state to pain free, they were very hands on through the entire process. I have no doubt that my life would be very different without Dr. Mackman and his excellent staff.

- Christopher

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